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this website​

this website was created based on the document in this repo

This document originated from a bunch of most commonly used links and learning resources I sent to every new web developer on our full-stack web development team.

What I'm doing in this document now is trying to provide the complete view angle of modern web (app or page) development ruled by JavaScript, reflect technological advance and help developers to acquire APIs, libraries, tools, services, best practices and learning resource which are not outdated and most commonly used.

I hope this document can help one developer to have more power to do much more and much better, just like a spellbook does in fantasy worlds.

The JS/web technology is like an ocean of stuff you don’t know. Simply collecting more stuff or composing dozens of "awesome lists" into a single one will only exacerbate the Javascript Fatigue. So this document must stay lean and focus on the most frequent problems and the most commonly used stuff.

So for each problem domain and each technology, I try my best to pick only one or a few links.

Which link belongs to "not outdated and most commonly used stuff" is not only decided by clear trends, empirical observation, and working experience, also by public data and web scraping scripts.

The npm package statistics (like download count) are given more weight than Github repo statistics (like starring data) because npm statistics can better reflect the actual usage and popularity.

Prefer fine-grained classifications and deep hierarchies over featureless descriptions and distractive comments.

Ideally, each line is a unique category. The " / " symbol between the links means they are replaceable. The ", " symbol between the links means they are complementary.

I wish this document could be closer to a kind of knowledge graph or skill tree than a list or a collection. It currently contains 2000+ links (projects, tools, plugins, services, articles, books, sites, etc.)